Qualification, Certification, And Credentialing Personnel Are Part Of Which Nims Management Characteristic?

Qualification, Certification, and Credentialing Personnel are part of the NIMS Management Characteristic known as Comprehensive Resource Management.

The FEMA IS-100.C Instructor Guide explains, “Comprehensive Resource Management describes standard mechanisms to identify requirements, order and acquire, mobilize, track and report, demobilize, and reimburse and restock resources such as personnel, teams, facilities, equipment and supplies. Key resource management activities include: Resource Identification and Typing, Qualification, Certification and Credentialing Personnel, Planning for Resources, Acquiring, Storing and Inventorying Resources“.

Comprehensive Resource Management ensures that only competent and capable individuals are assigned to tasks during an incident.

Source: https://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/is100c/english/student%20manual/is0100c_sm.pdf