Which of the following would be an effective approach for encouraging authentic feedback?

An effective approach for encouraging authentic feedback involves being clear about why you are asking for feedback, listening openly without being defensive, and asking follow-up questions.

The FEMA training material emphasizes, “Before you ask for feedback, be clear in your own mind why you’re asking. Listen to what others have to say. Take notes. Avoid being defensive. Don’t try to explain yourself during the feedback process,” which highlights the need for open communication channels and a receptive attitude toward feedback.

From the perspective of other personnel within the ICS, leaders who actively seek and positively respond to feedback are viewed as more effective and approachable.

This openness not only enhances personal and team performance but also builds a culture of trust and continuous improvement.

Source: https://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/is240b/sm%20files/sm_complete.pdf

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