Empathic listening is a part of active listening

True, empathic listening is a part of active listening.

According to the FEMA training material “Active listening involves listening with empathy and paraphrasing.” This indicates that empathic listening is indeed a component of active listening, requiring the listener to attend to the speaker’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, not just their words. The Public Information Officer (PIO) often employs active listening techniques to understand the concerns and needs of the community. For instance, during disaster response operations, PIOs must listen empathetically to affected individuals to provide appropriate support and information.

From the perspective of emergency management personnel, empathic listening is seen as a vital skill. It enables responders to understand and address the emotional and psychological needs of disaster survivors effectively.

Source: https://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/is242b/student%20manual/sm_complete.pdf

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