International CP Classification Project

Internationalizing the Elective Community Engagement Classification

In 2015-2016, nine campuses in Ireland went through a yearlong process of administering the Community Engagement Classification for the purpose of self-assessment and to provide feedback on ways in which the documentation framework (application) might need to be adapted to account for the national and cultural context. The Ireland pilot has informed this international CE Classification project.

In 2019, 16 Canadian and 9 Australian institutions joined together into two national cohorts to form national learning communities and embark on a 1.5+ year process of:

  1. Working through the US Classification Framework and Self Assessment;
  2. Learning from that process about their own campus capacity and commitment for community engagement;
  3. Identifying the ways the existing US framework would need to be adapted and augmented for their particular national contexts;
  4. Drafting a nationally specific new framework;
  5. Potentially requesting Foundation approval of these new frameworks as official Carnegie Classifications. 

Canadian Pilot Cohort
Australian Pilot Cohort

Irish Pilot

With the permission of the Carnegie Foundation, the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification framework was piloted in Ireland in 2015-2016 for the purpose of self-assessment without classification.