Which resource management task includes activating local resource requirements, if available?

The resource management task that includes activating local resource requirements, if available, is Ordering and Acquiring.

Ordering and Acquiring involves both incident and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff making initial and ongoing assessments of resource needs and then either activating or requesting those resources. For instance, in a scenario where a wildfire threatens multiple communities, the EOC might activate local firefighting resources and equipment that are available within the jurisdiction, while also assessing the need for additional support through mutual aid agreements or requests to higher levels of government.

From the perspective of frontline responders, the efficiency and speed of the Ordering and Acquiring process are crucial, as timely access to necessary resources can significantly impact their ability to mitigate the incident and ensure public safety.

Source: https://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/is700b/handouts/national_incident_management%20system_third%20edition_october_2017.pdf