Temporary as well as permanent structures built following a disaster using Federal funds through the Stafford Act must meet the requirements of Executive Order 12699.

False. According to FEMA’s official training material, Executive Order 12699 mandates that permanent structures rebuilt after a disaster using Federal funds through the Stafford Act must adhere to the seismic safety standards outlined within the order.

Executive Order 12699 is integral to the broader framework of disaster response and recovery, particularly in its relationship with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. This act provides the legal basis for federal disaster response activities, including financial assistance for rebuilding efforts.

From the perspective of emergency management professionals, the requirements of Executive Order 12699 represent a critical consideration in the planning and execution of recovery efforts. These professionals recognize the importance of balancing the need for rapid response and temporary solutions with the long-term goal of creating resilient communities.

The distinction between temporary and permanent structures in the context of Executive Order 12699 highlights the nuanced approach required in disaster recovery planning. Temporary structures, by their nature, are designed to provide immediate relief and functional support in the aftermath of a disaster.