Who Designates The Process For Transferring Command?

The process for transferring command is designated by the jurisdiction or organization with primary responsibility for the incident.

According to the FEMA IS-100.C Instructor Guide, “The command function should be clearly established at the beginning of an incident. The jurisdiction or organization with primary responsibility for the incident designates the individual at the scene who is responsible for establishing command and the protocol for transferring command. (…) When command is transferred, the process should include a briefing that captures all essential information for continuing safe and effective operations.”

For instance, in a prolonged wildfire response operation, the jurisdiction or organization in charge would designate the process for transferring command from the current Incident Commander to a fresh one, ensuring continuity and effectiveness of the fire-fighting activity.

Source: https://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/is100c/english/student%20manual/is0100c_sm.pdf

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